We are one of 3 national specialist advisors providing telephone advice for discrimination matters. We also hold the face to face contract for discrimination.  Our team of expert legal advisors are on hand to assist wherever you are based.

What is Legal Aid?
Legal aid is public funding through which an individual’s legal fees can be met. The body responsible for governing legal aid is the Legal Aid Agency, who regulates eligibility for legal aid and governs the services that legal aid practitioners such as Equality and Employment Law Centre can carry out.

For legal aid there is various eligibility requirements must be met in order to receive funding, and these requirements will differ depending on the type of case and your personal circumstances. Legal aid eligibility is assessed on “merit” – meaning that the facts of the case itself will be assessed by the legal aid agency to determine whether or not legal aid can be granted and will be “means” tested – so the legal aid agency will consider your financial circumstances in addition to the facts of the case. Additionally, Legal aid eligibility is assessed on a cost- benefit ratio which means that if the cost of running the case is more that than potential damages Legal Aid will not be granted.

Is Legal Aid Available?
At Equality and Employment Law Centre we will be able to explain if you are eligible for legal aid. We will also be able to tell you what it is available for, whether we are able to offer it in your circumstances or in your location.

If you are ineligible for legal aid, we will be able to explain why and potentially we can always undertake work on a private paying basis and will be able to give you a quote for undertaking the work.

How to make contact
To arrange a free initial discussion about your circumstances please call us on 0151 237 2664 or email We can assist wherever you are based.