Introducing Equality and Employment Law Centre

Welcome to Equality and Employment Law Centre! Formerly known as Merseyside Employment Law, we have recently undergone an organisational rebrand and have now changed the name of our organisation to more clearly reflect the work that we do. Merseyside Employment Law was set up in 2002 to address the deep-seated inequalities facing Britain by providing access to legal advice in discrimination and employment law. To this day all our profits are re-invested back into the charity so that we can provide free and cost-effective legal advice to those who otherwise may not be able to afford it.

As a not-for-profit specialist provider of employment law, HR and discrimination advice and services, Equality and Employment Law Centre serves clients from a wide range of backgrounds - many are among the most vulnerable people in society who would not otherwise have access to justice. We protect individuals from unfair treatment and support charities and voluntary sector employers in Liverpool City Region to address HR, Employment Law and Equality issues in the workplace, promoting a fairer and more equal society.

We are an ambitious charity with the aim of becoming a leading law practice specialising in HR, Employment Law and Discrimination in the charitable and voluntary sectors. We currently hold one of three national contracts to deliver discrimination advice for the Legal Aid Agency and we also have a tri-partite agreement with Liverpool Community Voluntary Services (LCVS) and Liverpool City Council to provide employment and discrimination advice to charitable and voluntary sector organisations in Liverpool. Free employment advice is also offered to individuals who have no other access to legal advice or representation.

The range of legal services we offer covers information, advice, representation, training and advocacy including all unlawful discrimination under The Equality Act 2010 such as Equal Pay, Maternity and Paternity Rights, All Employment matters under the various Employment Acts such as Breach of Contract, Unpaid Wages, Unfair Dismissal and Redundancy.

Equality and Employment Law Centre’s services extend beyond employment law and discrimination advice to individuals. We also provide HR services and training support to SMEs and charitable and voluntary sector organisations at cost-effective prices and work with both employers and employees to transform perceptions of discrimination, HR and employment law. We provide a comprehensive range of tailored services to business and work with clients across all sectors including private, non-profit and charity. With a range of innovative services designed for today’s businesses, we also act as a fully outsourced Human Resources department for SMEs, as well as delivering complex HR projects including TUPE.

There are no other specialist charities, or indeed commercial practitioners, in Liverpool City Region and the wider North-West Region working solely in this area of law. This provides Equality and Employment Law with a unique selling point to encourage regional business partners – particularly charities and third sector organisations – to use your purchasing power to make a difference to society by using our services and supporting our work.

We are looking forward to working with all our existing new clients and partners.